Trek Vs Wars – Attack of the Final Frontier

Boldly go to a galaxy far, far away AGAIN to explore the age-old future challenge: Which space star show is superior…Trek or Wars?
Tickets available at:
(Galactic latinum not accepted)
Stardate -298926.79872495454 (1/27/24)
7PM Doors
7:30PM show
GA: $20 advance/$25 at the door
VIP: $40
Count your midichlorians, there’s a Costume Contest during intermission!!!

Dirty Nerdy Burlesque x Boldly Stripped: A Sci Fi burlesque review

Dirty Nerdy Burlesque
Dirty Nerdy Burlesque presents themed burlesque and variety shows with pop-culture inspired twists. A bevy of beautiful and badass performers take on characters from fan favorite and cult-classic TV shows, movies, video games, anime and more. Our regular venue is Corsair Distillery in Nashville, which features award-winning spirits and cocktails (